Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Listen Up!

I have an announcement to make: I'm expecting!

...a niece or nephew!

Bwaaahahaha. That was a mean trick, no?

Anyway, on or around February 14, Kelli will birth little "Baby Valentine" and make my Mom the happiest woman in the galaxy with grandbaby #2. Seriously. I think the woman was born to be a Grandma. For the record, I am what one could call over le moon about this news...except for one peeny, weeny detail that is may-jah-ly getting in my way: the entire state of Connecticut.

CT is not MI. And thusly, I cannot see my sister every day. I cannot rub her belly whenever I want. I cannot pick her up randomly one night to go on an adventure to Meijer to curb her latest cheesy poof craving. I cannot leave work and show up at the hospital 10 minutes after her water breaks in a state of panic/elation. I cannot visit her every single day after the baby is born and laugh as she hooks herself up to the "milking machine." Basically, I can't do all the amazing things she did for me while I was pregnant. And it sucks. A great, great deal.

But, the upside of this is that I'M GETTING A NIEPHEW! That's what I've nicknamed le babe. They will not find out the sex, so I can't specifically say 'neice' or 'nephew'. And so, I combined the two words and made up my own. Niece + Nephew = Niephew! In related news, I always get the i-e arrangement in niece wrong. Thank you, schpellchek.

Now, it's time to plan a shower with Mom and Jill!!


Emily said...

I was instantly jealous of you!!! Now I'm jealous of the sis! ;0

K & S said...

Hey, I'm expecting one of those, too! And I totally get what you're saying 'cuz my sis is in TX. Ick.

Paul, Julie, and Charlie Brewer said...

You got me! You need to get on baby #2!!!

Jackie D. said...

Even though I alree-dee knew of this, it was still a surprise when I read this.

P.S. Baby Showers are so much fun!
P.S.S. I heart babies!
P.S.S.S. Congrats Kelli (and David)!!