Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Is In The Air.

And I am love, LOVE, LOVING it.

I wore my first seasonally appropriate turtleneck today.The neck of le turtle is snuggly and glorious and I have at least eleventy of them in my closet. The fluffier, the better. And if they have buttons? Please. I'm sold.

Also? We're going to an apple farm this weekend for cider and copious amounts of donuts. There might even be a hayride in Alex's future if he shapes up and ceases throwing inanimate objects at my face.

In related news of deliciousness, today's Detroit Groupon is for VINO! $25 for $75 worth of liquid nectar. Me? I'm a red girl...preferably the cab or shiraz variety. Oh, and because it's an online store, you can get in on this deal if you live in any of these states. Weeeee!!!


Christy said...

Aahhh...so jealous of your fall post. We're experiencing 105 degree weather here on the beach in California. While I LOVE the heat I just convinced myself it was time for cooler weathered clothes. Not-so-much!!!

David and Kelli said...

I love the word eleventy. Made me have to think :)

WindyCityLindsay said...

I wore a turtleneck for the first time last week, TOO!! It was perfect weather for it and I was so excited! I also listened to Christmas music Eh.Va.Re. Day. It was Awesome!!!

(Can you tell I'm catching up on your blog tonight? I think I've read a week's worth so far! Miss you!)