Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Abundance Of Fun.

As promised, pics from our stellar weekend.

Our first stop on the Adventure Train was a visit to Poppi's "Family Fun Day" at his place of employment. The rain didn't stop us from having a smashingly good time, and Alex experienced his first carousel ride and a taste of cotton candy.

Before the ride started. Doesn't he look like,
"Uhhh, Mom? WTF?"

Round and round we go!

"OK. Maybe this isn't so bad, after all."

The next stop on our adventure was the "Morgulec Family Play Day." Joe's Mom (Nana) and her family organized a "mini-reunion" of sorts. All the cousins got together and had a cookout, played lots of fun games and even got to bounce around in a giant, inflatable castle. Who wouldn't love that?

A Gold medal cornhole player.
I figure official rules don't apply until
he's at least two.

"Hey, Papa John...step aside. Let me
show you know it's done."

We even got special shirts made for the day!

Are you kidding me with those cheeks?
So smoochable.


"Maaaa-uhm. This. Is. AWESOME!"

Getting a little more brave...

Pure happiness.

"A giant bouncy AND a ball?! Wicked!!!"

Daddy being silly.

BIG smile!

The boys competing in a donut-on-a-string
eating contest. Hilarious and highly recommended
for your next family gathering.

In summary, the VeeDubs know how to par-tay. Mix a little family with a lot of fun and add a mini Alex. Presto!

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