Monday, September 27, 2010

Playing Santa.

It dawned on me over the weekend that Joey and I get to be Mr. & Mrs. Claus this year. And because I have a small (read: ginormous) obsession with Christmas, my gift shopping is typically done (and wrapped, thankyouverymuch) by November.

...which means it's time to get moving.

Alex's latest obsession is with balls. Hello, 12-year-old boys that got here on a Google dare. I had a not-so-glamorous parent moment last night over a set of pool cue balls that he deviously got his little paws on. Let's just say I tried to make it a teaching moment and failed. Miserably.

So in an effort to give the child some non-porcelain balls to throw at my face, I've ordered a set of pit balls for Santa to bring down our chimney.
We can bring his inflatable pool in the basement and use it as the "pit." Brills, no? Thanks for the inspiration, Blair.


Sara said...

hey Kristi.. in case you've never done the ball pit thing.. we have a fairly small one and it takes 2 bags easily to make it full enough to be fun. Enjoy! A ball pit is the big hit of every play date;)

Paul, Julie, and Charlie Brewer said...

I tried this great idea. Unfortunately, my dogs chewed up nearly all 100 balls and LMC was terrified of the blow up pool. Hope Alex enjoys it because I thought it was a fun idea.