Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last Night's Menu.

And no, I didn't cook it. Duh.

Twice a year, the fancy schmancy restaurants in Detroit host Detroit Restaurant Week. During this time, each participating restaurant features a 3 course set menu (some with a few choices per course) for $28. For wanna-be foodies like Joe and me, there's really no better way to try these restaurants than during DRW.

This time around, we tried Iridescence at the MotorCity Casino and Hotel. Um, hello? It's gorgeous. And delicious.

First up? Drinks. Specifically...vino. I ordered the "Adventures in Red," which was a super fun sampling of 4 different reds, complete with a little snacky-snack bowl of nuts, fancy cheeses and prosciutto. Notsomuch on the snack bowl, but the wine was fab.

Next, the chef delivered his "amuse bouche" to the table, which is just a fancy way of saying it's a chef's choice single-bite hors o'euvre. Ours was prosciutto, brie cheese and some greens with a balsamic "swoosh" across the plate. It even came with a tiny fork! Swoon.

For our appetizer course, Joey had the Sautéed Jumbo Lump Crab Cake (fennel pollen remoulade, cucumber, tomato, crispy corn tortilla*...not a shocker if you know him) and I opted for the Onion Soup Gratin (cippollini, pearl, vidalia onions, bells porter, comte crostini). VERY cool presentation - they poured it tableside!

For the main course, Joey got the Sautéed Atlantic Salmon (braised salsify, jerusalem artichoke purée, roasted brussels sprouts, wild mushrooms, roasted garlic beurre blanc) and I had the Potato Truffle Ravioli (peas and carrots, parmesan and mushroom cream).

For dessert, the only option on the DRW menu was a Sweet Potato Custard (cinnamon mousse, pecan pie ice cream), and it was delish. However, we couldn't resist ordering an extra Peanut Butter Bar (caramelized banana, chocolate peanut butter) which I'm still having dreams about. Oh, and they delivered hot towels just prior to this course for us to wash our hands. Be still my beating heart.

As it grew darker, the view from our windowside table grew more and more beautiful. Detroit doesn't often get the respect it deserves for being a relatively cool city, but I'm here to give it some props. Well done, D.

*And don't think for a minute (except for the peanut butter sauce) that I have the slightest idea what any of the italicized descriptors mean. Those are total copy/paste jobs from the Iridescence website.

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Jessi said...

Looks amazing. We do the same here in Atlanta when they have restaurant week!! Glad you enjoyed!