Monday, September 13, 2010


Week 2 of Bootcamp arrived this morning without me even asking it to. Rude! Devil Trainer Katie had a lovely morning planned for us - we paired up and switched between cardio and strength as a team. You know, when one person is on one end of a parking lot doing pushups and the other person does lunges the length and back of said parking lot? Yeah, that. Suffice it to say that while I loved my partner (thank jebus it wasn't lawyer girl), she could have quickened up her lunges a bit. Perfect form is unnecessary when your partner's arms are about to rip out of her sockets at the other end of the parking lot!

Let it be known that I rocked Bootcamp on Saturday morning, too. This was super hard, because I love my Saturday morning sleep ins almost as much as I love life itself. But, I did get to watch the sun rise, which was cool.

Anyway, we had a loverly little weekend--this pre-fall weather is FAB! Alex rode a Carousel for the first time and also beat his Daddy in a friendly game of cornhole. Pictures tomorrow, promise!

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