Friday, September 3, 2010

Poppi: The Awake Version.

I received a vewwy interesting phone call from my Dad yesterday. It seemed his course of action was to file a formal complaint with the PR folks 'round here regarding the manner in which he's been portrayed on this little bliggity blog.

Apparently, he's sleeping in every picture I've ever posted. Here's his formal rebuttal:

And you wonder where I get my writing skills?

Upon looking back through the archives, it would appear he is correct. So, in an effort to remedy the situation and prove to you all that my Dad, in fact, spends most of his days as an awake, alive and functioning member of society, I give you this:

Dad and Gramps chillin' at a Loons game. AWAKE.

Dad and Kyle at a Tigers game. Also AWAKE.

With yours truly at my wedding. AWAKE and dancing!

Attempting a racing victory @ Alex's first birthday party.
Notably, AWAKE and driving.
Kelli pictured at left attempting to save Alex's little life.

With my Mom, somewhere. I wish I had his blue eyes...
which are AWAKE in this picture.

Again, with the Momma. And AWAKE.
And lookin' fine, if I do say so mah-self.

So there you have it. My Dad does not sleep all the time. And when he does? He snores. Probably wasn't authorized to tell you that. I should buckle up for another phone call, I suppose.

Oh, and for what it's worth, his middle name isn't really "Dentist." It's Dennis. For most of my childhood (read: until I was 14) I honestly thought it was Dentist, and will never live it down.


*cait* said...

I would like to notify you that "Poppi" has put me on retainer, and please have all correspondences regarding ABM3 sent through me. Failing to do so could lead to legal action or other very serious consequences. Thank you.

K & S said...


David and Kelli said...

I love Dad so so much! He is AWESOME!!! Hahahaha. TOTALLY cracking up! @ Cait... hahahaha! SO FUNNY!

Andrea said...

Love your dad! Have to say my favorite "Greg" moment was when he put ketchup under his eyes to try to get out of going shopping. "But, but Joette, they're BLEEDING!" :)

Brooke said...

Dying laughing! Love this post!! So great!