Thursday, August 20, 2009

Morning Announcements.

Kind of like the high school kind, only without the Vice Principal's annoyingly squeaky voice and unnerving penchant for clicking her tounge in the middle of random words.

First up: BABIES! Congrats to Keliann and Michael on the birth of little Miss Abigail Mae. She's basically ADORABLE and I will be able to prove this in person tonight when I GO VISIT HER. :) I'm superdeeduperdeeduper excited. And, I will probably cry when I hold her because it will be too hard to believe Alex was ever that little.

Next: LUNCHTIME! And we're not talking crappy frozen chicken sandwiches, a sorry excuse for french fries and expired chocolate milk that tastes like cardboard. I'm talking super delicious food from Mind Body Spirit in downtown Rochester. But it's not the food I'm excited's the company. My dear friend Karen Marina back in the land of the free and the home of the brave for a hot minute and I get to steal her for lunch!

Finally: ARTS AND CRAFTS! It seems I have far too many crafty friends. I've already raved about the brilliance that is Jackie of bleu soleil design, and now I must brag about Jamie from Basically I adore her from head to toe and now she's putting all of that hotness into some amazing pieces of canvas. It's gorgeous stuff. Ch-ch-check her out on Etsy.

And that, childrens, completes your announce(tounge click)ments for today. Enjoy!


Jackie D. said...

I ♥ Jamie. So cool that she is selling her stuff!

Congrats to Keliann & MJ! Awesome! Welcome to thee world Abygail.


Jackie D. said... it Abygail or Abigail? :)

christa said...

well i have seen abygail and i agree she is so cute and her and alex will be perfect! and i have to say IM VERY EXCITED that you are getting to see MY SISTER KAREN!! i want an update when you see her because i dont live in mi and i havent seen her since last year so please kiss and hug her and take lots of pics of you her and alex thanks kristi you rock!

Kristi said...

Well now I'm SO confused! They changed the spelling on the blog! IDK...but will find out tonight when I get to HOLD HER! :)

Jamie said...

Thank you, friend for the shout out :) You are too, too kind ...

Katy said...

I wish my morning announcements were like this, I have to listen to kids birthdays and words of wisdom from our principal.