Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Do. Me Too.

So, the childrens got themselves good and married on Friday and are currently off somewhere warm and fabulous eating and drinking themselves into oblivion. I am jealous beyond words.

However, there day was super fabulous and fun. I laughed, I cried...and made damn sure mom and dad got a decent ROI on the bar bill.

Meet the new Mr. & Mrs. Talicska, courtesy of le cell phone. (Profesh pics to come soon...their photographer was super!)

Today I was also going to write about the FUNNIEST story of all, but it's already been drafted and published by mi hermana. Click here for a good laugh about how and why my future brother in law drank an ENTIRE glass of fish water at the reception. Yes. Fish water.

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David and Kelli said...

LOL. It really was just a sip or two but the disgustingness FELT like a whole glass. Ick ick ick!