Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little Miss Abigail Mae.

Confession: I totally cried BEFORE I even walked into the hospital room. I saw her as we walked in, lying in her little pink outfit in all her glorious cuteness and all the emotions of having Alex came flooding back to me.

And then I held her. And I was in love. She's absolutely precious...and if Keliann and Michael would have let me I would have ran out of the hospital with her and never turned back.

In related news, I now know why people have 2 kids. After Alex I swore I would never put myself through that ever, ever, ever, ever again. I haven't forgotten how much the whole experience sucked royal balls, but at least it might be a possibility someday. Maybe. IDK. Jury's still out.

Anyway, here she is:

And a special message for Aunt Kelli: (Please excuse my motarded Mickey Mouse voice. I was nearly in tears AND was talking to a baby. Don't judge.)


Katy said...

she is so cute! I vote for another baby in a couple years! Alex has to have a sibling! We love ours too much for you not let him have one!

David and Kelli said...

You are the best sister EVER!!!! Thank you for the video ... and she's so TINY!