Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nerd Wedding.


Still laughing, actually.

So, Joey and I were snuggling in bed this morning with Alex, coffee, Jake (on the floor) and the morning paper. It was basically perfection.

Anyway, I was reading the Life & Style section and it was highlighting a wedding. Ooooh! I love weddings! To make it better, this particular couple won a wedding contest! Ooooh! I love contests!


I am not joking.

The Detroit Science Center has the Star Trek: The Exhibition exhibit (department of redundancy department, anyone?) open through September 7. Apparently the head science honcho decided that attracting the nerds of the world wasn't enough, they had to marry them off. So, they held a contest to win the ultimate Star Trek wedding and reception at the exhibit. I know. This is where the side-splitting laughter started.

After reading more into the article, there were only NINE couples that entered the contest. NINE. For a FREE wedding. And if that wasn't enough, only 35 people voted for them. And they were the winners!

In my fit of laughter, I stopped for a moment to be flabbergasted at the mathematics of it all, and the following conversation ensued:

Me: (Explained scenario to Joey.) Most people would do anything for a free wedding...and the Science Center is actually pretty cool. I just can't figure out how they won with only 35 votes. I mean, if we entered something like that and just emailed the voting instructions to friends and family we would get loads of votes! Not even to mention posting it on Facebook.

Joey: Babe, seriously. They're having a Star Trek wedding. They probably only have 35 friends.

So. Funny. I <3 Joey.

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