Monday, August 24, 2009

Mind Reader?

Even though I was sound asleep when he left for work this morning, I can tell you exactly what kind of socks Joey has on today. Well, let me rephrase that: I know exactly what kind of socks he's not wearing...his "day of the week" Monday ones from H&M.

About a year ago, he needed new black socks. I happened to be at H&M soon after he proclaimed this need, and they had the FUNNEST pack of black for each day of the week, labeled at the very top in fun colors.

I knew he would love them because they were weird, yet still appealed to his inner organization freak self.

He wore them faithfully, and only ever on the corresponding day to the sock. (Clearly. What other option is there?) I would laugh at him as we got ready for work...pulling out the appropriate pair for the day, always doing a little dance in his boxers when it was finally time to wear the "Friday" pair. Such a silly, silly grown man was he.

So imagine my surprise yesterday as we were going thru and cleaning out our drawers together when he threw them in the Goodwill pile! Gasp! The beloved socks!

"Honey, seriously...those are so fun! Why are you getting rid of them?"

"I get dressed in the dark now and it gives me such anxiety that I'm going to put on the wrong pair. And then they just end up all half-wadded in the drawer and I go to work embarrasses that I'm wearing Tuesday on a Thursday."

Hilarious. Anxiety from socks.


Eve said...

Hello! New follower here :) Love your posts. TOO funny and your Son is beautiful! And I don't say that to many babies since I have one of my own. :)

I look forward to reading more! x

Breadwinner Wife said...

That is funny. I too would feel off if I accidentally wore wrong-day socks!