Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Call Me Queen.

Latifah, that is.

It should be no secret that Joey's "freebie" is Queen Latifah. (You know...like the one woman he could have a passionate one-night stand with in room 402 of a Holiday Inn Express with no questions asked. FTR, mine is John Stamos.) I love the fact that he loves himself some curves. Makes me feel slightly less self-conscious about the last handful of baby chubs I have yet to lose.

Back to my point: call me Queen Latifah. I say this not only because of my luscious curves and Cover Girl countenance, but for my new and fabulous TAN!

Since this article came to light, I've been scared to death (no pun intended) to return to le tanner. I've been using some form of tanning beds/hexagon booths since I was probably 15. Not regularly, mind you, but at least a handful of times every year before vacations, proms, and other major life events that required me to have that sun-kissed look. There's just something about a good manicure, a fabulous hair day and a bronze glow that makes me feel like I could take over the world. But, since it's now been proven to send me to an early grave, I'm beginning to slowly come to terms with the fact that my love of the UV has GOT to stop.

So, to prepare for the nuptials of the baby bro (update on that soon) I obvi wanted to look my best without dying. So, I called my local hothouse and inquired into the Mystic...aka the "spray tan." After being pleasantly reassured that I would not look like a zebra or other spotted creature following the spray, I made myself an appointment. $9.99 and 14 seconds later I looked FAB-U-LOUS.

Moral of the story: women of the world, fear not the spray tan. It's awesome. It lasted almost a week and didn't look streaky or weird as it faded.

All in all, I'm a big fan. Highly recommended.


Jackie D. said...

Did it stink? I am not a fan of the tanner in a bottle because it smells horrible. I have bought many a bottle of self tanner - some of which worked very nicely, I just couldn't stand the smell of myself that I had to take a shower immediately! Thus...my body has been a nicely white for the past 2 summers :(

Andrea Schultz said...

Told you...spray tans rock fo so