Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I have an erosion tarp for sale for $1.

I recently read a super funny post from Aliya at Double the Fun about checking in on your blog's keyword analytics. I don't do it on the regular, but it's always a hilarious exercise in futility when I do remember to do it and the things that come up are sometimes just plain ridiculous. Some of my personal favorites from my blog during the month of May are:
  • bob's your uncle seinfeld (Come again? But a solid #1 search position on Google.)
  • erosion tarps (Turns out, I'm #2 on Google for this.)
  • gymnastics metaphor (Makes sense.)
  • hump day bump day blog (Totally legit. No link needed. See also: I ranked higher than Urban Dictionary for 'hump day' so that's definitely a lifetime achievement.)
  • kid peed pants (Well, sure.)
I suppose this all goes to prove that A) there's always a weirder Google search than whatever it is you're looking for and 2) it's interesting what people remember and then forget.

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Meg said...

This is pretty funny stuff. I don't actually know how you check anayltics or whatever you call it, but I am always amazed at what is popular on my own blog. For example, a failed sidewalk chalk recipe has over 800 page views! (I think that one got put on Pinterest or something.) I only really know how to check the traffic sources, and I see lots of my stuff appearing there on Pinterest, which is pretty cool!