Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bob's your uncle.

Nearly a month after the fact, I'm finally getting around to posting pics from our adventure to Minnesota. At the risk of sounding like an official tourism endorsement, I can't say enough awesomesauce about the city. We had a BALL. The transportation is easy. The food is delish. The neighborhoods are safe. The scenery is beautiful. The people are so nice. If they didn't have such crappy winters, I probably could be convinced to move there. (Don't tell Mark & Kelly.)

We started our 4 day adventure...where else? The Mall of America! We were definitely wandering around like a bunch of kids. We even rode the roller coasters (which, for those that know my Joey...this is accomplishment!).

The next morning, we ate at a little gem called Al's Breakfast. The place is literally 12 feet wide (carved from a former alleyway) and has something like 17 chairs. You wait for your seat in the 2 ft. behind the other chairs and the wall behind you. I don't recommend it if you're claustrophobic. And, picture Seinfeld's soup nazi - that's their head waitress. The food was greasy spoon and exactly what you would expect from a place like that.

After breakfast, we got MEGA touristy and opted to explore the city on bike via their Nice Ride program. Basically, every 2-3 blocks in the city, you'll see bike racks like this. You swipe your credit card and get a code to unlock a bike...and for $6 for a 24 hour period, you've got the best ride in town. We never took a cab - literally biked everywhere.

Oh, and it should also be mentioned that I was in the Motherland of Target. THIS CITY INVENTED TARGET, Y'ALL. I never wanted to leave...

Tomorrow we shall discuss my application form into Overeaters Anonymous, as I ate at EIGHT food trucks in one afternoon. Hey, this 30 before 30 business isn't going to achieve itself.

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