Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Snuggling is my most favoritest.

I love sleeping in. I love snuggling. Mostly, I adore lazy Saturday mornings spent in bed doing absotootely nothing. We do this a lot at our house.

Lucky for me, Alex also has this gene. He's the best sleeper--in bed by 7:30 pm and we usually have to wake him around 7 am. Joey, sadly, does not have this gene. Man can't sleep in to save his soul. More on that later.

Anyway, I hit the jackpot in that Alex loves to snuggle. He'll often ask in the middle of the day to snuggle or have me wrap him up "like a baby burrito" and just hold him. It's like drugs for Moms, I tell you.

Through all this snuggling, he's never really gotten attached to any sort of stuffed animal, but has taken a recent and adorable shining to MY childhood teddy bear, Mr. Snuggles. This bear has seen the world--from Thailand to summer camps--and now is enjoying the view from a certain 3-year-old's crib. Yes, he's still in his crib. I'm holding on as long as possible. Don't judge.

In the next issue of "Why My Kid's Awesome And I'm Not Sure What I Did To Deserve It," we shall discuss how the little man has basically potty trained himself. Yep. You read that correctly.

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Sara said...

My Alex is still in a crib! He loves sleeping and love love loves his crib! We bought him a race car bed he doesn't want to sleep in it. We faced some scrutiny over not forcing the issue when Cameron made his arrival. I just bought another crib... they are only small once and I would rather savor it;)