Wednesday, June 27, 2012

House update!

We're cruising right along...the bricks have been delivered and the insulation went in yesterday. We went to the slabbery (preeeetty sure this is not the offish name) and selected our actual counter top slabby-dos. This was a very interesting trip filled with lackluster customer service and really heavy cranes. Very odd. I'm guessing they will start on drywall today, and the builder told us the brick guy is coming tomorrow. However, I'm headed to my parents' tonight for a wedding so we'll all have to rely on Joey for pics. Got that, dear?

I hope to have mega super ultra exciting update pics to show on Monday that include actual walls and a brick exterior. On second thought, I might still be hungover from the wedding, so perhaps we'll delay that until Tuesday. Mmmkay?

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