Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In which I am the luckiest.

So I've been putting off this post for awhile now, mostly because I didn't want to jinx it. But also because I didn't want to get tarred and feathered. Because this? Is a hot topic.

Potty training.

It's no big secret that Alex has pretty much been the most awesomesauce kid regarding all things change since being sliced from my loins. Sleeping? 8-10 hours since he was 6 weeks old. Binky? Quit cold turkey and never looked back. Bottles? Day after his first birthday he would have none of it. Solid foods? Shrimp & avocado are two of his faves.

I legitimately did not want to potty train him. Ever. Literally, I could have waited until he was 12 and figured it out for himself and been totally fine with that. I've heard ALL the stories from ALL the moms. I researched ALL the tricks from ALL the experts. I read ALL the articles in ALL the mags. I wanted no part of it.

However, the few moms (of boys) that I talked to that had nothing but roses and ponies and sunshine to share regarding potty training all said one thing in common, "Wait until he's ready."

And so we did.

We've kept a little potty in the loo since about April. It just sat there. We added potty books to his repertoire. We talked about how the big kids at daycare go in the potty. But we only talked.

One day, he asked if he could pee in the big boy potty like Daddy. Seizing the moment, I took him in, lifted the lid...AND HE PEED. And angels sang and I did the "potty dance" and had absolutely no dignity left.

I bought Pull Ups that night. Can I get an amen for Costco?!?

He's never actually used the little potty. I think it was small and freakish to him, and he wanted to be like the big kids. So, I packed it up and got one of these for the magical #2s. For the record? Alex will do anything for Lightning McQueen. Anything. Use these things to your advantage, Moms.

About 2 weeks into the Pull Ups business we went full-on big boy undies (Lightning, natch) and with loads of support from Aunt Jane (daycare), I think it's safe to say we're 90% there. He still sleeps in the Pull Up, but wakes up totally dry 6 out of 7 days. He has yet to have an accident (this is where the jinx comes, I'm sure) and pretty much does the whole routine (sans wiping) himself. It's as if he doesn't even need me. *sniff*

In summary, I have no advice or nuggets of wisdom to share, other than the obvious, "Listen to your kid and do what is best for your family." If this involves waiting until he is 12 out of sheer fear, I support you.

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Andrea said...

I understand your easy. It's funny how having an easy child with some things almost makes you feel guilty. Now, Colin isn't easy with eating, unless it's mac & cheese but I'm chalking that up to the age.

Potty however, he is FASCINATED with. He isn't anything of what I would deem "trained" but has pointed to the adult potty and when I put him on, he has went. Happy accident, maybe but I'm still buying stock in Pampers for now. :)

I see you on the baby potty thing too. We put it out in the bathroom just to get it out of the closet and it confuses him. We use the regular toilet, what is this thing with the happy face on it? He puts his animals on the baby one and says "uht oh" which is Colin for #2. :)