Monday, July 9, 2012

Paint by number.

So after a weekend hunkered down with the Momma and approximately 3,482,904,328,901,849,032 paint chips, I think we've narrowed the choices.

I made the first big selection regarding theme, in that I'm sticking to neutrals and doing beige and grey throughout. Our current house is a perfect mix of blues and greens and yellows (that Joey the bachelor selected) and I love it, but it's really limited my ability (and want) to switch things up every once and awhile. So, in the new digs we're going neutral.

The beige was easy. I went with the shade in the spec house we saw because I know I love it. Relaxed Khaki. For the grey, it was hard to pick one that didn't turn "green" with the beige, but I think I'm going with the darker Mindful Grey. Trim is Alabaster.

Here's all of it in Sherwin Williams' design center. I'm going tonight to buy a quart of each and paint big boards to take over to the house tonight. Thank you, HGTV.

P.S.-In case any of you are riding my sister's crazy train, it is, in fact, Sherwin Williams. Not Sherman Williams, as she has thought for the last 30-odd years. Funniest conversation I've had in a long time. And now all I hear every time I look at my swatch book is Eddie Murphy clapping "Sherman's got relations...Sherman's got relations..." to himself in 'Nutty Professor'. 

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