Monday, July 30, 2012

Good news.

Today we turn a corner and share the good news that the move is a mere 15 days away. Cue paper bag.

In semi-related news, remember that one time I posted all about my friend Sarah and her fabulous, crafty wares and then linked you to her etsy store and she was on vacation? Yeah, that. Sorry. Anyway, she's BACK! Click here to fall in love and shop 'til you drop.

And for a fun sneak peek into my crafting days of yore, here's two projects Sarah and I completed a few weekends ago...

I bought this jankety old mirrored tray for $3.99. A blast of yellow spray paint and some Windex and voila! A super adorbs tray to keep all my sparkles and shiny things.

Sarah found this old mirror for (I think) $20. She flipped the mirror and painted the backside with chalkboard paint (hello, versatility!) and added a pop of color. The perfect menu board for her kitchen that can also go back to a mirror with a simple flip.

I'm SO excited to do a virtual home tour once we get settled so you can see my other totally random crafting slash gluing slash duct taping projects. I'm actually quite concerned that the mix of everything I've been hoarding for a year is going to be nothing short of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, but whatever. FIFTEEN DAYS.

P.S. - Not to ignore the obvious but thank you to everyone who sent an email or commented on that last, awful blog post. It means more than you know.

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Stephanie said...

That frame looks familiar :) and cute