Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ohhh, heyyyy there.

Hey. It's me. I'm over here, hiding in the corner under a blanket and sucking my thumb and probably also rocking in the fetal position.

I officially picked paint colors today. I went one shade darker in the khaki and kept everything else the same. I'll probably hate it, but whatever.

We also had someone sign a lease on our house. For three flipping years. THREE. Literally the best news since Costco started carrying Cheez-its. And also Pop Chips. And maybe wine.

And in other panic-inducing news, I booked the movers today. They'll be on our doorstep in a little over a month. Which means I need to start packing like, yesterday.

For realsies, though, my plan on packing (and I've already started...maybe 15% done) is to pack a box a day until the week before when we really kick it into high gear. I think this will help ease my OCD and need for order in the world, no? Alrighty then.

In unrelated news, happy 7-11! Go get your free Slurpee today--Alex will be getting a blue one, naturally

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