Friday, July 6, 2012

Panic in the streets.

The day I dreaded most about building a home has officially arrived: paint color selection.

For the record, I can't even pick a pedicure color in less than ten minutes. I also wear black 90% of the time because A) it is my signature color, and 2) it's EASY. No thought required. So, part of me just wants to paint the house all beige like the spec house and never look back, but the other part of me knows that I desperately want glorious, cheerful colors in my home and I will NOT want to repaint a wall basically ever again for as long as I live. It's messy, annoying and causes me to sweat excessively. All things I despise. Therefore, I fully acknowledge that it's better to do it now while I'm paying someone who has a large, efficient spray nozzle, goggles and super tarps, yes? Yes.

So, here we are. My choices:

Cheese and rice I'm legitimately losing my mind. I know I want some sort of gray hue for the master, but which? Popular gray? Grayish? Gray screen? Network gray? Magnetic gray? Respose gray? Yes, those are all real names for paint. They should hire the people of Hallmark & get some better nomenclature. Also, it seems like "popular gray" might be the rather obvious choice here. Check!

For Alex's room, I know he wants blue. Buoyant blue? Meander blue? Byte blue? Open air? Stream? Balmy? Yes, balmy. Stupid name.

The whole first floor is a bit of a conundrum because there's no real great place to switch from one color to another. Plus the entryway has 2-story ceilings so whatever I do in there you can see from upstairs. The lower lever is all one big, open space (which I love), so the only wall that could really be an accent wall of sorts would be the one we plan to put a giant built-in entertainment center on. So that's sort of a bust. I suppose I could do a different color in the first floor bathroom, but I don't know what my theme will be in there yet. DO YOU SEE WHY I AM A CRAZY PERSON AND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO MAKE THESE DECISIONS?

In summary, please just paint my house beige. Meanwhile, I'll be at Home Goods buying some big, colorful wall pieces to cover it all up.

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