Thursday, June 21, 2012

Get in my bell-ay.

So this 30 before 30 thing is really starting to have an impact on my waistline. For those new in town, I vowed in August of last year when I ate at my first EPIC food truck to eat at 29 more of them before I turned the dirty thirty. This happens on December 7 of this year, and I'm proud to say I've only got 10 more to go.

Minneapolis was a metropolis of food trucks. A mecca. A smorgasbord. However, when we discovered them downtown (literally parked 20 in a row down every street), we learned they are only downtown Monday-Friday for the business crowd. IT WAS FRIDAY. WE WERE LEAVING SUNDAY. Which meant my opportunity to consume all the goodness was slipping through my fingers.

So, we mustered up everything we had and went back to the hotel room to nap and prepare our innards for extreme consumption.

And then, two hours later, we did the impossible...

The sad thing is, looking back on those pictures just makes me hungry, when it should make me hurt. Hurt so good.

The next day was the wedding, and we got all fancy 'n stuff and had a DELIGHTFUL evening. I can't believe I didn't get a photo with the bride and groom, but whatever. We looked just as good.

In related news, I discovered a new and delicious drink that I implore you all to try. I call it "Tequila Ginger." It's tequila (duh), ginger ale (duh) and a splash of Sprite. I may or may not have had about 5 TGs by the time I took that last photo, which is why it may or may not look like I'm having a graaaaaaaaand time. Because I totally was.

And that, my friends, is Minneapolis in a nutshell. I promise we'll be back!

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Katherine said...

Kalamazoo has a food truck! You should bring Alex for a play date!