Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Evil is my middle name.

It might come as a surprise to some of you that Joey is real, real superstitious. Not about everything--it's mostly just sports related.

For instance, if the Tigers were on a winning streak during the World Series last year, he would have to wear the same shirt, sit in the same spot, eat the same food, etc. as he did in the previous winning game. No exceptions. Boy be crazy. 

At times, I use this to my very evil advantage. Like, he knows it's ridiculous but he HAS to do these things. So last night when the Ducks scored against the Wings, he turned off the TV in a huff and said, "They're gonna lose this one. I'm going to bed."

Seeing a GOLDEN opportunity to manipulate my superfan/superstitious husband, I said, "They WON'T lose if you spin around in a circle counterclockwise three times while tapping your nose and making honking noises like a goose."

The funny thing is, he knew it was ridiculous. But his inner OCD knew he HAD to do it, otherwise the Wings' impending loss was to fall squarely on his shoulders. He couldn't have that on his conscience.

I laughed the entire time. Wish I would've gotten it on camera.

And you know what? The Wings won in a stunning overtime. So tonight I'll get to see the goose honk circle dance allllll over again. This time? Cameras rolling.

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