Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This... what I want need my hair to look like.

Forgive the super weird look on America Ferrera's face, but I had to pull an image from a grainy YouTube video of last week's Ugly Betty episode to give you the visual of such hair perfection.

Here's the prob: I'm definitely 100% retarded when it comes to curling irons, rollers and any other tool that "curls". Chances are that I would lose a lot of hair in the process, people would get hurt, and Pantene's stock would plummet. I also think those giant velcro rollers (like Gretchen uses on "Real Housewives") are fab-yooouu-less, but I'm too chicken to try them.

I'm not completely at a loss - I'm actually quite skilled at styling my hair when it's short, mostly because it requires a straightener, aka a styling tool I can operate without breaking into a cold sweat. Exhibit A: one of my best short-hair days ever.

Me and my bf, Cait.
It should be noted that this was taken minutes before the
Spice Girls' reunion tour. Yeah, we're that awesome.

Please teach me your voodoo hair magic, oh stylers of Ugly Betty. Because I have at least another 2 inches of growth (read: four months) before I can successfully perform my Locks of Love donation, and walking around with an eternally unstyled ponytail really doesn't do my mop any justice. Le sigh.


*cait* said...

That is one of my fav photos of us! We look fantastic!

abbylyn said...

You can use a straightener to curl your hair. I'm not really sure how to make it make sense as I type it... hmmmm. It's going to be easiest to practice on pieces framing your face. Take a 1/2"-1" chunk of hair. Hold your straightening iron vertically and clamp close to the root. Start to turn the straightening iron like you would a curling iron, almost a full turn around, and pull down length of hair. Sort of like curling ribbon for wrapping presents.

Did that make sense?

Bubblesworth said...

:( Can't you talk about doing your hair without using the word "retarded" so casually?

David and Kelli said...

Ok, so I rewound that part a billion times cause I SO loved her hair. Are we related? LOL

I'm thinking the first step for your hair would be layers and some thinning. But not like, Jen Aniston circa 1995 layers. I'm talking long, thin, pointy-ended layers. Add a very very hot iron and some spritz and viola!

Brooke said...

I was just looking at some pictures of America Fererra online, not sure why, but I was, and thought, "Whoa, she looks like the T girls!"

And, now this post?! Wow!

You'd look great with hair like her!

Tamsyn said...

Back when my hair was long, I used to love wearing my hair like that (never looked quite as good though!). I also think a straightner gives you the best curls. If you pull the iron through your hair quickly you get nice loose curls and if you go really slow you get really tight ones.