Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Connecticut Recap.

So I just realized I only provided 1 day worth of decent recaps from our trip. I have no excuses...basically I just got lazy and was too excited to spend time with Kelli and David to bother blogging or taking pictures.

Here's the long and short of some other adventures we had:
  • Had a muy deliciouso lunch at Wood -n- Tap. Sweet potato fries. 'Nuff said.
  • Ate some Indian food for the first and last time ever.
  • Stalked the roads of Farmington, CT until we found 50 Cent's house. ZOMG. Ridic.
Come to think of it, it would appear that most of our trip centered around food. I don't know whether I'm proud or ashamed to admit that.

Post summary: 'twas the best trip, ever. And I would like to give a little shout out to the nicest Delta ticket counter lady ever for giving Kelli a pass to get into the gate with us. Employee of the CENTURY!


Aliya said...

My aunt and uncle have lived in CT for years and when I was younger, going to Stew Leonard's during our visits was the HIGHLIGHT of our trip! Loved that place as a kid!!

KimnSteve said...

There is no shame in visiting a restaurant you saw on TV. We did it - went to NECI Commons (New England Culinary Institute) when we visited VT years ago. Way yummy!