Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alex Gives You Wiiiiiiiiiiiiings.

He was an absolute angel baby on the plane. Totally enamored by the taxi to the runway and takeoff. Courtesy of le Benadryl, it was lights out about 10 minutes in until baggage claim.

Today we're off to Boston. In how many languages can you say 'Sam Adams tour' and FREE SAMPLES?!?!


aapuzzanchera said...

have a great time!!!

christa said...

yay! i knew he would be fine! and i hope you had a great time in boston, i live here now and we went a few weekends ago, today we went to the mass coast, it was gorgeous but you know your here right, its been 70's for like the past 4 days! wahoo

Jackie D. said...

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat...mmmmmmm!

p.s. Alex is so cute.