Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Again With The Cuteness!

You're really being spoiled this week. Hilarious videos. WIPpo adorableness. And now this.

My parents bought Alex this chair as part of his birthday gift. And as grandparents often do, they just couldn't wait to give it to him. So they brought it on Saturday when they came to celebrate Dad's birthday (more on that later).

It matches the leather furniture in our basement almost perfectly...and really, is there anything funnier than a kid in a mini grown-up looking chair? I think not.

Chillin' with Poppi. Note: we were playing Wii and
he didn't take his eyes of the TV for a second.

Two old men. Ha!

Perched like a King while Mom, Uncle Kyle and Aunt Jill play Wii.

This is by far my favorite addition to the house since the coffee grinder made its way into the kitchen. I mean, really. Could he be any cuter? Fat baby in a liiiiittle chair....

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