Thursday, March 18, 2010

Leaving On A Jet Plane.

In almost exactly 24 hours I will be boarding a plane to Connecticut to see Kelli and David. ::squeals of delight::

I haven't packed. I haven't cleaned my house. I haven't done laundry. I haven't tied up the million loose ends at work. I haven't even started THINKING about what to pack. And I am a very list-y person, mind you. My life is a series of endless sticky notes and barely legible used napkins.

Infant + plane + husband who is terrified of bringing infant on plane = #$*(#$*@.

Here's my current plan: pack as little as possible and make a run to Target when we arrive to buy baby food, diapers, formula, etc. Give Alex a healthy dose of Benadryl 20 minutes before boarding. Get Joey very liquored up at the airport bar 30 minutes before boarding.

Foolproof plan, no?


Brooke said...

Sounds like a perfect plan! Have a GREAT time visiting your sis!!

Just an FYI--have you given Alex Benadryl before? You may want to try giving him some as a trial tonight to see how he reacts. Benadryl knocks most people out, but 10% of people have the opposite affect, and get a lil' loopy. This was our experience with Trace. He woke up in the night and was telling us all kinds of crazy things! It was comical, however, not at 3am when you were hoping for the exact opposite reaction!

Just a suggestion!

Enjoy the adventure!

KimnSteve said...

Sounds like a great plan! Hey, if I can fly all over the world with two babies -by myself, at that, I know you can do it with one!

I haven't gone the Benadryl route for the aforementioned reasons, but I do recommend babas, puffs, baby Bjorns, pacifier clips, a Snap and Go if he's still in a carrier seat or an umbrella stroller if he's not. Can't wait to read how it goes as I'm sure it will be great posting material. Have fun!