Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rhode Island: Neither Road, Nor Island. Discuss.

Vacation brain is a funny thing. I have lots and lots of funny tales to share with you all, but I can't muster up the creative juices to do our adventures justice.

It will just have to come in spurts. Here's the first: adventures from Saturday.

We took a little drive out to Rhode Island to take Alex to his first beach. We stopped in Watch Hill to be stereotypical tourists...have a nice lunch on the water and dip our toesies in the water. Lunch was an epic fail, since the little shore town was still closed for winter despite the fact that it was like 70 degrees. Not to be discouraged, we took our blankies and some snacks out to the beach and enjoyed the moment. Sun on face = glorious.

Allow me to take a moment to 'splain to you the houses that are on this beach. I mean, really. They were the kind of houses that you can't even imagine the kind of money it would take buy the front door. Ridic. And totally awesome.

From there, we took a stroll to Mystic, CT. And we didn't disappoint - we got the pizza! Confession: I've never actually seen the movie, but it's since been added to our Netflix queue. For those who are curious, the 'za was deeerishish...but the ice cream we got afterwards was better.

In front of Mystic Pizza.
Not what I pictured, either.

Mystic is a cute little town. We stopped into some of the shops - I even bought a hoodie at The Black Dog, which I'm told makes me an official East Coast snob. Love it!

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Looks so nice.
I. NEED. A. Vacation :)

I essa-specially like the beach pictures!