Monday, March 15, 2010

Alex And The WIPpo.

ELEVEN MONTHS. As in, one month from ONE YEAR. Somebody get me a paper bag, stat. I just can't handle this.

Here's something else I can't handle -- the cuteness of my kid.

"Good morning, Mommy.
Thanks for making my hair look so handsome."

"WIPpo is so last month. This toy, however..."

"'s been real. It's been fun. I'm outta here."

"Seriously, I wasn't kidding. I'm outie."

"But I suppose I could sit back down and give you
one more irresistible smile."

Joe and I are in awe every, single day of how lucky we are. Alex is an amazing kid. Granted, I don't have much to compare him to, but everyone that meets him--even perfect strangers in the grocery store--comment on how sweet he is, how smiley he is. I am so, so, so blessed to be his Momma. Happy almost birthday, kiddo!


Shanni ♥ said...

He really is sooo cute!!

Is he starting to walk yet? Ace was walking all over the place on his 1st birthday.

& please enjoy his sweetness!! Ace was such a sweetie pie.. then he turned 2 (actually it was more like 18 months and his terrible twos started to show) now he is 2 yr 5 months and a huge brat!

Christy said...

So, I am a blog stranger who fell in love at first sight way back in the day when Alex was still cooking. I became such a fan that my coworker (who is male) couldn't wait for the next installment every time I printed out "the birth story". I have loved reading your witty stories & often find myself either relating to your play-by-plays or laughing hysterically at the daily happenings. With all that being said...SERIOUSLY?!?!? A year already!!! Hard to believe it's flown by that fast. The little guy is adorable & thanks for the entertaining stries. Keep 'em coming mama!

David and Kelli said...

Dear Alex,

I figured it impossible, but you get cuter every month. I love you SO much and cannot WAIT to get my hands on you! xoxoxo

Eleven months? WOW.

Aunt Kelli