Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cold Turkey.

I'm taking Alex off the boob. I have to, or I will die.

No joke, if I have to put those plastic little death shields up to my nips again, I will off myself. Violently.

Quick update for those not in the know, or are just tuning in: I think breastfeeding is the grossest, most disgusting thing on the earth. As payback for this, God decided to give me the pick of the litter that refuses to latch on. Please note that I DID try...very, very hard and often times to the point of tears. So, in an effort to give Alex "breast is best," I've been pumping out the milky goodness and feeding him via bottle.

The pump 'n feed is ridiculous and takes twice as long and sucks extra hard because after you've spent the time pumping, you STILL have to feed le child and THEN wash everything! Not that I'm complaining that doing this all for Alex was difficult or not worth it; I would cross an ocean with nothing but arm floaties and leaky goggles for him. But add in the sleep deprivation and the pain of the pump and it's a recipe for disaster.

I've done my research and consulted with our pediatrician, who has no qualms about it. Formula is pretty awesome these days...and let's face it, neither Joe nor I were breast fed at all. Like, not even a drop of colostrum. Zip. Zero. Zilcho. And we turned out alright, right?


Mrs. Newlywed said...

Good for you for being willing to make the switch.

I'm with you on breastfeeding by the way...weirds me out...but I'll try someday out of obligation.

Jamie said...

You both turned out great and Alex will too ... off the boob he goes!! Good for you! :)

'I would swim across the ocean with nothing but arm floaties and leaky goggles' ... How do you come up with this stuff? I adore how your mind works.

Brooke said...

I was thinking the same exact thing as my sister when you pulled out the "floaties and goggles" line. Where do you get your material?? It's hilarious!

Formula is totally fine! My little Trace was on it, and he is genius.....just ask his Auntie!:)

Kelli said...

Laughing my eyes off on the leaky goggles. LOL

Dawn said...

I found your page from my friend and I just HAVE to tell you that my experience with BF was almost identical to yours...and I have one piece of advice...its might sound weird. Put cabbage leaves on your breasts while they dry up, changing frequently. This was my lifesaver, without it I would have died. I still repeatedly thank the lady who volunteered this to me. Good luck, your boy is precious!