Thursday, September 26, 2013

This kid is a DREAM.

Yesterday on the way to daycare, Alex asked to play with his Magna Doodle to draw me a picture. (Mom tip: the small bin of car-friendly toys I keep in the backseat has saved my life more than once.) Of course, I obliged and when we got to our destination I asked him what he drew for me.

"Mom! I drawed Harper! She has eyelashes and a ponytail."

This boy loves his sister so much already, I honestly can't imagine how it will grow when she's here. This morning he told me he can't wait to teach her math. MATH.

Alex, I am SO proud to be your Momma. You are one cool cat and your sister is so lucky to have you for a big brother. xoxox.

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Sue Skop said...

I just read this again and it dawned on me that Harper was meant to be Alex's sister.