Thursday, September 12, 2013

A sentimental journey.

My mom was taking a walk down memory lane (see also: probably a hot mess on her living room floor) the other day and started texting me pictures of pictures of the day I was born. A little unorthodox, sure...and crazy to think Alex & Harper will just have to look at Shutterfly, Facebook or my Instagram feed to see their lives from the very beginning, while I have to haul out 75 lbs. of peel-and-stick, 3 ring, leather-bound old school photo albums.

Anyway, the pics were too cute NOT to share, and it'll be fun to see how much Harper looks like me.

Mom on Dec.7, 1982.

Welcome to the world, self.

"Oh, hey dere."

Kelli holding me.

ABOUT my Dad's tracksuit. And glasses. And beard. #sexy


Carrie said...

LOVE these pictures!! Thanks so much for sharing. How sweet. :)

Alex said...

You guys need to recreate the track suit pic as close as possible!!!!