Monday, September 16, 2013

Pregnancy, round four.

So you know how every mother on planet earth who's had at least 1 of each sex will tell you how every pregnancy is "sooooo different" and how she knows all the things and wants to impart every last bit of knowledge onto you?

As it turns out...those assholes, for once, are right.

And I guess there's really no proof as to what the differences are from, exactly, but I can tell you that Harper? She's WAY different than Alex. Let us count the ways...
  1. First Trimester. Remember how with Alex I was just tired all the time? My thyroid was whack. With Harper, I never even had to take Synthroid. I did, however, throw up all the time.
  2. Second Trimester. See also: #1.
  3. Swelling. I'm probably totally screwing myself right now and I'm knocking on every piece of wood within reach, but with Alex I was a hot, swelly mess of cankle. Remember these feet? Granted, that photo was taken 12 days before I had Alex and I'm still >30 days away with Harper, but so far, I haven't even entered the spectrum of swelling I had with Alex.
  4. Blood Pressure. Same story as my feet. My blood pressure was an issue for most of my 3rd trimester with Alex. With Harper it's been "great" every time.
  5. Hunger Games. With Alex I'm pretty sure I would have eaten a tree if you'd have put it in front of me with a bit of ketchup to dunk it in. Harper has a pretty steady appetite, and for the most part, I eat pretty normally, if not lighter than usual.
  6. Escape Routes. I never felt pelvic "pressure" with Alex. Harper, on the other hand, tries to escape out of my lady garden with every step I take. I literally cannot even walk DOWN stairs anymore because it hurts so bad and also I fear her feet will pop out by step #3. I sit on my butt and scoot. It's very embarrassing and I would like to take this opportunity to thank architects everywhere for inventing elevators. (And for the record, I had a c-section with Alex, so it's not like I'm all Michelle Duggar loosey goosey down there. It should be business as usual.)
  7. Ninja Moves. Alex was a squirmer. Harper, on the other hand, is an extreme warrior ninja. I will be flabbergasted if she doesn't come out doing cartwheels and also punches my surgeon in the face upon her exit while simultaneously flipping off the anesthesiologist. 
What this also leads me to believe is since they were such different babies in utero, that they will be equally as opposite on the external. Please recall that Alex was an Angel child and ate and slept like a champ. 6-8 hours through the night at 6 weeks, amen, amen. 

I'm terrified of this girl. Terrified.


Christy said...

Ok, "lady garden" and "loosey goosey" in the same paragraph totally made my night. Hahaha! It is so true though. At one point I thought my daughter was going to dive right out at any given moment. Crazy kids!

Carrie said...

Oh, Kristi, how this made me laugh!!! I will refrain from all my "2nd child girl compared to 1st child boy" stories of Parker & Morgan so I don't scare the ever-living crap out of you before sweet Harper arrives. ;) Love 'em both like crazy, but oh, so very, very different! Keeps life interesting. :)