Tuesday, September 24, 2013

On the Internet, everything is free.

Isn't it amazing how a 4 year old's mind works?

Last night, for instance, Alex was asking me if we could buy a glow in the dark iPad case that he saw a TV commercial for. Here's how that conversation went:

Alex: Mom, can we buy it? Please? Pretty please?
Me: That depends, Alex. Do you have money to buy it?
A: I don't need any money, Mom. We can buy it ONLINE.
M: (confused) Things still cost money when you buy them online, Alex.
A: No they don't. You just use your tappage and they send it to our house on the UPS truck!

His train of thought is spot on, because whenever he finds an app he wants to "buy" on the iPad, he has to bring it to me to "tap in the passoword" and then the app magically appears. (As a note, we only download free apps.) And, whenever he's watched me buy things online, there's never money or a credit card involved that he can see like at the store. Makes perfect sense!

Then this morning he told us on the way to Aunt Jane's that he was "writing a thesis" for his "Lego prototype" that he's building. WHERE DOES IT COME FROM, THIS 4TH GRADE KNOWLEDGE?

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