Friday, September 6, 2013

Global love.

I work at a global company, so lots of my coworkers and teammates are from all over the world. Yesterday, I received a DHL package all the way from Mexico City with a gift for Harper in it. I cried! :)

The note reads:

Mexico City, Sept. 2nd
Dear Kristi,

In this incredible journey with your new baby girl, I wish you and your family the best: love, healthy and, if possible, some sleeping. Enjoy it!!

This is a small gift for her: a dress from the Mexican state of Puebla, hand-made by the native group called "totonacas".

I hope you like it! :)

Please receive a warm big hug...

Ivette Camacho

Won't Harper just be the CUTEST in this dress? Oh, I can see it now with her fluff of dark hair, chasing her big brother around the back yard in a swirl of color from Mexico.

She is loved from all corners of the world, for sure!

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