Monday, September 30, 2013

Big brother.

I realize this blog has been very overwhelmingly "look at all the cute/hilarious/awesome things Alex is doing" lately, but pretty soon I'll have to start balancing between Harper and Alex, so I'm getting my fix in while I can. Deal.

Anyway, this morning he decided to wheel Harper's bassinet from our room into his room because "she should sleep in MY room, Mom, because I love her the most."

Then, when he finally brought it back into our room, it looked like this:

That's his beloved "sleep toy" Jake & Emma, resting on a Tractor pillow (because "Harper will need a pillow, Mom") and covered with his Cars blanket "to keep them soft and snuggly."

"This is how Harper will sleep in here, Mom."

Someday when I'm crazy and sleep deprived and want to run away to the beach and live by myself in a tiki hut while surviving on nothing but sunshine, fish tacos and margaritas, someone remind me of this magical moment, mmmmk?

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Sue Skop said...

What an incredible son you have raised. The two of you are doing a fantastic job of teaching him love and acceptance.