Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm like a designer. Only not.

Joey and I have recently decided that if our "to move or not to move" solution is really to not move (and to instead build up), then we probably need to get our shit together. Obviously, if we choose to move, it's a relatively cut-and-dry couple of months process--sell old, move crap, buy new, move in--compared to a much longer build process. This would  likely involve designing something with a builder, finding a temporary rental, moving crap out and into storage, actually building the damn thing, cleaning, and moving said crap back in. Why again is this an option?

Oh yeah, because we love our neighborhood. We love, love, love, love our neighbors. We love our community. I even have a small business crush on our Mayor, but that's neither here nor there. So while it will be a far bigger pain to build up, we want to consider all options before pulling the proverbial trigger.

So we're going to meet with some builders to see what we're up against. Please save me from myself.

The natural progression of this chain of events in my brain has caused a severe case of the redecorating bug to bite me in the rear. I've been perusing all sorts of design sites to get ideas and inspiration, and being the salmon swimming upstream that I am, I've opted to create my own little Pinterest board, but in PowerPoint. Because that's how I roll. ABM3-erest. I'm tm-ing it.

I know, I'm like eleventy billion steps ahead of myself. And Joey is probably hyperventilating as he's reading this. On the ride home tonight he will be all "you're already redecorating a house we don't even own yet!" And I'll be all, "But it's really just a PowerPoint presentation. Think of it as my sales pitch to you." And he'll roll his eyes and laugh at me. And tomorrow when that yellow zig-zag pillow comes in the mail I will have to hide it from him out of shame until 2014.

The point here is this: regardless of where this real estate train takes us in the next 12 months, I promise you'll be along for the ride. And I also might recruit some of you to help me hide pillows and such from Joey. Consider it the cost of friendship and readership.


Andrea said...

I totally feel your pain. We need a bigger house but we LOVE our lot and the area we live and really don't want to move so we're playing around with the idea of adding on (and up). The whole idea of dust and construction and the chaos...oh my!

Amanda Tal said...

I get you on the whole decorating thing. Pretty much the minute after we signed the contract to build I was looking for stuff to decorate. I already have a secret stash of stuff (probably at least a box full). I look at it as something I have control over. I can't really force the contractor to go faster but I can buy that throw pillow.

Twin Engines said...

Good luck! It's a tough decision!