Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How'd you spend your Sunday?

Was it at the ER with a severely dehydrated 2 year old? No? Than it was sure as hell better than mine.

Long story short: Alex woke up on Sunday morning limp as a noodle, unresponsive to any questions and demonstrating some signs of labored breathing. I don't really remember driving to the hospital, but somehow we ended up at the Children's ER at Beaumont.

He had no signs of fever or infection, which was the most troubling. The doctors ran blood tests and x-rays of his chest and stomach to learn more. During the x-ray, the tech told Alex she was going to "take a picture of his bellybutton" so he pointed to it and said, "cheeeeese!" I die.

Anyway, his labs showed CO2 levels of 17. The "normal" range is 22-26, so the kid was dehydrated. Severely. We had a barrage of questions for the docs--because he had been drinking and peeing healthy amounts all week--and even had a wet diaper that very morning. It's assumed that his body was just fighting off some sort of bug earlier in the week and was using all the "extra" fluids to do that.

So, he got hooked up to an IV for the  better part of 3 hours and got all juiced back up. And, miracle of miracles, after about 30 minutes into the drip, he was his normal, happy, silly self.

He was so brave when they put his IV in.
Also, doesn't he look BIG here? Sigh.

Feeling better...can you tell? :)

The last picture is proof that we were ready to be discharged and head home. And also that he has Poppi and Papa John wrapped around his chubby fingers. Papa John was on wagon duty and Poppi pushed the IV cart behind them. This was all just too much for me, truly.

So, in summary, that's not how I planned to spend my Sunday. But everyone is happy, healthy and hydrated back at home. Also? I like alliteration.


Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

True story- I LOVE alliteration. It flows so nicely off your tongue! Glad there's another lover out there like me.

Bummer way to spend your Sunday, but it looks like you made the most of it! So happy to hear he's healthy, happy, and hydrated.

Jackie D. said...

Poor little guy.
Even though he looks absolutely adorable in his hos-pit-able pjs, still makes my heart hurt that any child has to be sick :(

Lindsay said...

Awww!! Poor VW clan! I'm so, so glad Mr. Alex is OK! I can't even begin to imagine how scary it must be when something is wrong with you're little one. You're such a good mommy!!!

Twin Engines said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry. But glad that everyone is back to normal. Whew.

Ginger Snap said...

Oh my gosh, he looks so much like Kyle it's crazy! I see it, but in these pictures it's SO evident!