Thursday, August 11, 2011

The one time I disowned my husband.

If you haven't seen me gloating down the halls of Twitter and Facebook, I should clue you in that the VeeDubs are kidless for a week and loving it. Aunt Jane took the week off to tend to her daughter's upcoming nuptials (Ironically, to my brother's best friend. I'll give you a minute to connect the dots. OK? Good.), so the midget is with Grammi and Poppi for the week.

Which leaves our grown up calendar wiiiiiiiide open to do all sorts of unusually adult things such as: eating at restaurants that do not have high chairs, staying up very late participating in irresponsible activities, getting oil changes (a thrill!) and other such shenanigans.

We also took it upon ourselves to see an adult-themed show (you know, one that did not involve singing tweens prancing around in stuffed animal costumes) over the weekend. Jim Gaffigan, to be exact. Quite possibly the funniest man on planet earth -- and I needed the laughs.

So imagine my ULTRA horror about 5 minutes into his set when Joey took a very poorly timed swig of his $8 beer and spewed said swig ALL OVER the people in front of us at the expense of a very funny Hot Pocket Joke.

I. Was. Mortified.

The good news is that the people just turned around, gave him the stink eye, and accepted his really, really, really embarrassed apology.

I can dress him up but I can't take him anywhere.

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