Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Fun!

I am just LOVING this stage of Alex's little life. I often tell him that he's the coolest person I know - and it's true! Basically, I love just hanging out with him and discovering the world around us. Seeing things through a child's eyes (while very cheesy and poetical) is simply the bees knees.

On Saturday we went to Yates Cider Mill, which dates back to 1863. It's a beautiful mill located on the Clinton River--and the river actually flows over the Yates dam and supplies the headwaters to power the mill. It's a very cool place!

And on Saturday we played outside for a bit at Nana's house.

This is far and away my favorite time of year--the weather is cool enough that you don't sweat your balls off walking outside, but just warm enough that you don't need a full-on Sherpa-lined coat.

In related news, I (read: Joe) discovered my new favorite drinky-drink...warm cider with spiced rum. Uhmm, in how many languages can you say "best, ever?" 'Cause it totally is.


Ashley Paige said...

1. i love his little sneaks. he's cooler than i am. no, for real.

and 2?

if you love warm cider and rum... you should try a little warm cider with jamison. THAT is the bees knees :)

not to wish away the cutesy baby stage, but i cant wait until my almost three month old is more.. fun. haha :)

Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

I love that he looks like he's doing a Frankenstein walk with his little "I'm alive" shirt on. Adorable. Did you plan that? :)

David and Kelli said...

I love my Buddy so much. AND... he is getting so tall! One month... I can't wait!