Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Dyslexia.

In recent weeks, we've noticed that Alex has been saying some new and strange words like 'beebuh,' 'peepuh' and 'deebuh.' He uses them in the all the same situations and in a context that seems to work in his little mind, so I knew they had to mean something.

One day, I just started repeating 'deebuh' to him. I said it faster and faster as I was tickling him into submission.

"Deebuh, deeeeebuh, deebuhdeebuhdebuhde...buhdee... buhdeeee...buh-dee...bud-dee...bud-dy....BUDDY!"


He is saying BUDDY! In essence, picking up on what Joe and I always say. When we are being silly we call him 'buddybuddybuddybuddy' - but we say it REALLY fast so it all runs together in a mishmash. Alex just doesn't comprehend the word separation and puts the last syllable first and the first syllable last. It's like his own mini version of pig latin.

'Peepuh' is Poppi. DUH. And when I show him pictures of Poppi he smiles and says 'peepuh!'

'Beebuh' is baby. DUH. Since he's the littlest munchkin at daycare, the kids call him 'baby,' so he hears it all day.

Mystery solved. Case closed. I feel like I should be wearing a yellow trenchcoat. Would that be considered fashionable for fall?

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David and Kelli said...

Okay okay okay. THIS is my newest favorite blog post. I adore him. I adore him. I adore him. And way to go, Mom, on the sleuthing!!! :)