Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Girl Can Dream!

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So, where would I go? Who would I bring? What would we do? I can honestly tell you that this has spurred a lot of fun “imagine if…” dinner conversations at the VeeDub household, and one thing has been made perfectly, vividly clear: my dream vacation and Joey’s dream vacation are two totally different situations.

He would go to the mountains and fish all day. Literally. All. Day. Evenings would include fab 5-star dinners, expensive vino and hours spent in a hot tub (that’s the part I like!) but the next day he’d get up and do it all over again. I love him and I love his weird hobbies (read: obsession with Fantasy Football, fishing and Legos) …but fishing in particular is something I will never, ever understand.

As for me? Well, I have two different ideas. The first is a romantic getaway for just Joey and me. We would tour all of Europe—with a mandatory stop in Greece—and do all the things that crazy tourists do. We would be gone for 2 weeks and would NOT take cell phones or computers. At the end of all this, I could probably be swayed to send for Alex by AirMail and live in a little villa somewhere in the South of France until the end of time. Le sigh.

The second (and probably more realistic) dream vacation would be more family-oriented. We would rent a really sweet place somewhere on a beach (location truly doesn’t matter—this one is all about the people I’m with) and invite everyone. Brothers. Sisters. Moms. Dads. The whole fam-damily would just chill in a humongous beachfront palace (with a pool!) for a week. We would laugh and tell funny and embarrassing stories over s’mores by a campfire on the beach until 3 a.m. The children would all sleep until 10 a.m. every morning and breakfast would be huge buffets with omelets cooked to order. Dinners would be ginormous cookouts like pig roasts and grilled steaks with good IPAs on tap. On sunny afternoons we would walk to the nearest little beach town and get ice cream from a tiny store staffed by its 60-something retiree owners. Wash, rinse, repeat for seven days and I’m a happy girl.

I'm not asking for much, right? :)


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