Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So Sarah Designs.

Peeps! The day has finally arrived! My fabulously creative and stunningly sparkly friend Sarah has freakin' finally opened her etsy shop! I've raved about her around these parts before (here, among other places) and am psyched to finally share her wares with you.

Although everything she makes isn't up yet, she does have the bulk of it up. Her so girly, so chic, and so cute lines of aprons are beyond fab. The so girly (aaahh ruffles!) line is new, so I don't yet own one of my own. But I do have an apron from each of the so cute and so chic lines...and while they don't help me understand the difference between butter and shortening while whipping up my latest culinary masterpiece, at least I look fabulous while trying.

She also has a so elegant line of matching nappy-kins that are just to DIE for. The set comes with napkin rings that are so above and beyond anything you'd ever find at any kitchen store. And hopefully soon she'll get her other kitchen accessories up for purchase - included sparkled up serving utensils and appetizer spoons/forks.

She specializes in custom orders, so if there is a fabric, pattern or color scheme that would match your personality and kitchen perfectly, convo her on esty for a listing made just for you.

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Sarah and J said...

Thanks Miss Kristi! I will put a ton more product up after this weekend's craft show!