Friday, February 5, 2010

Worst Week Ever.

I should NOT have posted yesterday about things "looking better." What's the saying...if you wan't God to laugh, just tell Him your plans? Yeah, pretty sure He's laughin' at the VWs right about now.

So you know the whole drama about our Daycare provider being sick, and how my Momma came to rescue us so we could go to work yesterday?

Well, let's travel back in time to 5 p.m. last night. Mom was on her way home and Joe and I took Alex to Coscto for a little bulk shopping adventure.

About 20 minutes into it, I started feeling rotten. Assuming it was food poisoning from the pizza we had eaten earlier, we vamoosed it home. Prepare yourself...this is where I go into TMI mode. About 15 minutes later, my body was screaming, "Emergency! Emergency!" and I didn't know which end to put on the toilet first. I decided to sit, but immediately screamed to Joe to bring me a bowl/bucket/something to hold what was about to happen out the other end.

The good man had no sooner brought me a bowl and he was face-first in the garbage disposal side of the sink, hurling his brains out. This cat-and-mouse dance of "You go to the sink. I'll go to the bathroom." went on literally all night long...about every hour, in fact. Oh the joys of having a one bathroom house.

It's now mid-afternoon and neither of us are feeling human yet. Gatorade, Ritz crackers and the couch have been our bffs for the last 9 hours. And to make matters worse, my Mom has it, too.

So much for tonight's plans...we were supposed to go to a Cowboy Mouth concert. The tix were part of Joey's birthday present. Boo.

So now, it's back to sleeping, spewing things out of all my orifices and attempting to nap. Oh, and I also should probably disenfect the sink.


Aliya said...

ahh, that sounds awful! hope all of you feel better soon!!

Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

Oh no! Hope you start to feel human soon! :( And, of course, Alex is probably feeling better while you're at your worst. Somehow I doubt he's going to be okay with taking care of himself while you recover.

Andrea Schultz said...

Ben and I had that when Kate was 3 months old but I was home alone with a baby, with NO ONE to help, no family within 12 hrs. , to feed, change, her, etc. and she was obviously still up every 3 hrs. to feed....I FEEL YOU!!!!!! I hadn't been sick in YEARS until was HELL!!!!!! and Ben had the same thi8ng but had to give a speech in front of hundred's....i have no CLUE how either if us survived either of the days...

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

good night bessie....that is the worst when you're both sick! ugh!

Shanni ♥ said...

OH NOO!! Well on the bright side.. don't you look so hot afterward, the throwing up and dry heaving works the muscles! And you're dehydrated! haha I've always hated the act of being sick but afterwards you look pretty smokin haha