Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little Known Facts.

I have a tendency to talk to myself. Yes, it's weird. And yes, I have actual conversations. What? It's just plain rude not to answer back!

Anyway, I find myself doing this a LOT at work lately. Perhaps it's because I'm in at a new division and have approximately zero people in my immediate surroundings that I can talk to intelligently about anything non-work related, but it's really starting to become a noticeable problem.

Like this morning, when I was washing my hands in the loo and mumbling something to myself about the urgent need to make a list, gather my coupons and go grocery shopping right as the crazy plant lady walked in and caught me.

I realize how this sounds. I call her the 'crazy plant lady' (for obvious reasons...she waters her plant within an inch of its life and would go so far as to murder someone with a well-manipulated paper clip should you even attempt to move it one inch to the left to see out the window) and yet I'm the crazy girl who talks to herself in the bathroom. I totally get it.

"Hi, Kettle? It's me, Pot."


Jackie D. said...

This is funny, only because I am in the same boat as you are - you know not having anyone to talk to at work. Yesterday, my only friend Lisa got me to sign up to Blackberry messenger (IM for a BB). Anyhow it is sad to say, that I only have one friend/contact to IM and that is Lisa :) I don't know anyone else who has a BB at work who I can even talk to. Yes, it is THAT bad ;)

Beth said...

Well Jackie, I think J. vegas has one too ya know... :)

Emily said...

I do this too. I think it's a theatre person thing. Mostly in the car when I'm on long trips. I pretend I'm on a talk show or something. James Lipton thinks I'm hilarious.

Shanni ♥ said...

HAH! I talk to myself all the time too!! Not actual conversations but sometimes I'll catch my self gibbering to myself and just laugh lol