Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Like Buttah.

I'm on a roll.

For serious.

Remember on Sunday when we talked about the life-altering poppingcorn creation? Pause for applause. Today, we review another *gasp* Betty Homemaker moment -- spinach and ricotta stuffed shells were created for dinner last night. By me. From scratch. Like, I used an oven. I know...who am I? And what in the world has gotten into me?

all*you magazine has gotten into me, that's what. Jill and Kyle purchased a subscription for me as a birthday gift, and after a series of address problems and fistfights with the United States Postal Service* I finally got my first issue in le mail last week. This thing is seriously the greatest compliation of recycled paper, ever. Coupons galore. Recipes complete with shopping lists and price per serving for an entire week. Household organization and storage tips and tricks. Little life 'pick me ups'. Style tips for taking work attire into the evening hours. etc. etc. It's as if someone in the publishing world said, "Let's create a magazine specifically for Kristi Van Wormer and all her life's needs," and Voila! all*you was born.

Fast forward to last night, when I donned my "So Sarah Designs" apron (Seriously girl, get your etsy store up. Missed linky opportunity!) and whipped up a fanTAStic Italian dinner that Giada herself would be proud of. I used ricotta cheese and everything...and if that ain't Italian, I don't know what is.

Jill and Kyle, while I adore my magazine, I'm pretty sure Joey and his belly are forever indebted. :)

Oh, and le recipe is here, should you get the whim to be domesticated in the near future.

*No employees of the USPS were actually harmed in the writing of this blog post.

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aapuzzanchera said...

You are too funny! That looks delicious! All You magazine is pretty awesome. i enjoy it myself once and a while!!!