Monday, February 1, 2010

Hi, I'm Kristi. How May I Help You Today?

Yesterday I had it o-u-t with the kind people at Target who were questioning the validity of a $7 Pampers coupon I was using.

You can already see where this is going, no?

We all know I basically live and die for coupons, and because of the incredible value of this particular one, I was not going down without a fight. I'll spare you the details of my nearly ten minute argument friendly conversation with the store manager, but at the end of the trip that $7 was fo-sheezy taken off my total. I am always right when it comes to couponing - take note, other store managers of the world that might be reading.

As if that wasn't enough, I later had a less than pleasant encounter with a nimrod of a sales associate at DSW. They didn't have the size I needed, so I asked the nearest semi-competent looking twelve year old with a nametag and walkie talkie if she could check to see if another local store had it in inventory.

She looked at me like I had asked her to recite the Gettysburg Address from memory. After twirling her hair around her pinkie finger and faking like she was actually soaking in my request, she giggled the most convincing little valley girl laugh and said, "Umm...I could, like, get you the number to another store and you can, like, call them?"

I'm sorry, what? I deadpan stared at her for 5 seconds and I'm pretty sure my nonverbals were read just fine by her peabrain. I swallowed everything I actually wanted to say and instead handed her the shoes in my hand and said as cheerfully as I could muster, "Oh, well that seems incredibly helpful. Thanks for your help, sugar." And left.

Really, I'm the loser in this situation. Little Miss Twit doesn't work on commission, and I still have to go to another DSW on my lunch hour today to seek out my shoes. I guess it was a moral victory for me...if nothing else.

Soooooooo, in honor of a weekend of shiteous customer service, I give you this:

Click here for a free sample of Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max. (You have to be a P&G Everyday Solutions member...if you're not, just sign up - it's free! And you'll have access to other great coupons, too.)

You're welcome.


Jackie D. said...

Was it a Target $7 coupon? Because I think I have one of those that I will be spending here soon, just wondering if they are gonna give me a hard time too :(


Miss. Pretty said...

oh my gosh!!! i'm just starting to get into the whole coupon thing! But I'm SO confused!