Friday, January 1, 2010


Lame. Cliche. Whatever. I'm hopping on the bandwagon.

If I can get 3 of these done, I will be pleasantly surprised with myself. Nothing like being an overachiever, eh?

  • Create a FB page for Alex. It's funny and weird. And yes, you should friend him. In related news, when did "friend" become a verb?
  • Fit back into my skinny jeans. Admitting an actual number goal is just tragic.
  • Try Indian food. Kelli swears it's the most delicious thing on the planet.
  • See more "boy" movies. Also categorized under: "Be a more awesome wife." 
  • Top my 2009 BDBC free crap total. Totally doable.
  • Be an audience member on Ellen. If I can get greedy, I would prefer it to be during her '12 Days of Giveaways'.
  • Keep Jake from digging up all my flowers in the spring. Or find a way to get rid of him altogether.
  • Go on a glorious vacation with just Joey. The beach misses me.
I'm not sure how 2010 can possibly be better than 2009. I mean, think about it: in the last year I've gotten a new sister (Jill) and a new brother (David). I've also survived pregnancy and childbirth (barely) and came out the other side with a super awesome kid who makes my life better in every way. I'm still wickedly in love with my Joey and couldn't be happier with the life I've been blessed with. Yes, you may all now gag at my sappy moment. 

Happy New Year! Now back to nursing my hangover...

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